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ranting and raving at everyone.

WEll I got mad at the SMR today for saying there was purity issues with the tobiano COLOR. The Choctaw horses were OK but the COLOR denoted impurity. Seriously? This is the 2ith century, if one horse of a blood line is impure than all the horses in that blood line are impure. And I can tell you the SMR doesn't need to be looking down its nose at anyone. I bought a mare that was descended from pure SMR stock and she grew up to look like a draft pony. And after having this crazy mare with her big feet and hairy legs, I'm sticking to OK bloodlines. The tobiano Choctaws may be inferior to the SMR, but at least they don't have any draft blood. And they are not inferior. I've heard that Mr. Brislawn just didn't like the way they looked, not that he considered Choctaw horses inferior. Heck most of the foundation stock was Choctaw.

Which brings me to my next grump. I am just amazed that people still believe the Arabian is some ancient mythical breed. It's not it was invented at Crabbet stud and according to Dr. Cothran's report, they come OFF the Marwari line. This makes sense since the horsemen of India domesticated the horse 7000 years ago back before the centum septem split. I would add the Irish, but I don't think any ancient Celtic ponies are left that are purebred in Ireland. Politics ruined those ponies.

Any breed that doesn't have the tobiano except for a few Island ponies in the North Atlantic and off the coasts of the US is man made. This was the color of the domestication event. Cream and grey also appear to go back that far. I've reached the opinion that SB1 arrived in Spain with the Phoenicans from INDIAN chariot horses....which is why Spanish chariot horses were the superior racehorses that they were.

I have made a few facebook friends from India through my love of horses. I've discussed their problems with ears and backs, and big feet and hairy legs. When Nehru tried to wipe out the ancient Indian horses the breeding stock left behind was small in numbers. Inbreeding was inevitable. Some horses had narrower polls than others, some were throwbacks to the ancient chariot horse with longer backs than others, and god forbid some looked like that mare I had, only better demeanor. I told my friend that they must breed for quality now....and don't breed anything with big feet and hairy legs. If the horse has too narrow a poll, breed to one that is farther apart. Breed for short backs as you don't want to look like a Teke and be unridable.

I'm ranting right now because my Irish dander is up, but venting helps. The very notion that something is wrong with a horse because it is colored tobiano harkens back to Lady Wentworth who made this same scuralous remark and aimed it at the horses of Ireland, Spain and India. The slaughter houses got the tobiano ponies of Spain, and Clydesdales ruined the native ponies of Ireland, which now have only two left. The Connemarra is basically gray and has some Arabian blood, which means no one knows what horses were really used. The Kerry Bogs, who may well be the last survivor of the ancient Spanish/Celtic ponies, and whose closest living kin is the Icelandic, comes in tobiano. Hurray for them. They aren't buying that tobianos are inferior crap.

I tell everyone Zeke may be my last horse, and he's a lovely golden dun. But I may have to buy some Choctaw horses and register them with the HOA. Zeke is SMR stock and registered and as fine a gelding as you can get with small black hooves and clean legs even in the winter. That is what a Spanish horse should look like.

OK you can hang me now.

Re: ranting and raving at everyone.

Get them, Bev

Re: ranting and raving at everyone.

I don't want to be the horse equivalent of the crazy cat lady, but what they said made no sense. How can you use Choctaw horses but say the tobiano Choctaws are inferior? Chief Quanah Parker's dam was thrown out of the SMR but they left him and his sire in and said he was an overo. According to the Paint Horse Registry medicine hats are Toveros or Tobinos. I said that one horse I saw years ago was a tobiano, but he was listed as a sabino. A little extra white on the face doesn't negate the tobiano gene. Heck I saw one of the gawdiest Paso Finos ever and he would have been welcomed into the SMR with open arms for his color, but he was 100% tobiano.

If the SMR wants to keep tobianos out, go for it, free country, but to say that a color makes a blood line inferior is the height of ignorance. Chief Pushmataha was 100% Choctaw, name me a horse who doesn't have him in their blood line. They are probably out there, but not many. And Gary, can't remember his real name was Choctaw.

I tell you the colors I don't like, gray cause it kills color, and gawdy nonSB1 sabinos....cause to get that gawdy color there had to be a tobiano in there somewhere or they would look like Clydesdales. This is turning up in the Arab and Welsh pony and now Lusitano. It's also in the SMR. I call it the revenge of the ancestral stallion....well no I don't but it sounds good.

I see a tobiano I see the ancestral stallion and the first horses domesticated. See a gawdy nonSB1 and I see hypocrasy...take that Lady was her own stallion Massoud who introduced it to the NEW Arabian horse breed. And its in the SMR because Cindy Parker had a medicine hat son. There are other tobiano mares but I don't know their names...Southern Pride was one I think. I know she turned up on a couple of pedigree pages I've seen.

Yeah, I'm the crazy horse lady. If I weren't planning to go to Ireland within the next few years for a LONG extended visit, I might buy some more horses, but then someone would have to look after them, and that wouldn't be cool.

Crazy horse lady out.