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A new path for BLM? What are your thoughts?

I usually just lurk ... am always fascinated to learn more about Colonial Spanish.

I saw this item and don't quite know what to make of it. It's a petition signing for the new Secretary of the Interior to resolve some of the larger problems affecting America's wild horses.

There is definitely a problem IMO with incarcerating such a huge number of BLM horses in holding facilities, with little prospect of ever being adopted. It's an ethical issue IMO, speaking to quality of life for the horses. It's also a financial burden on taxpayer's dollars that are getting more and more stretched.

What I wonder about is the "fertility" approach...going within a population and manipulating by whatever means the fertility status of individuals within a herd.

In a natural system, there are natural factors that come into play in self-limiting populations. You could call it survival of the fittest or survival of the luckiest, whichever. But the decision on which individuals live to reproduce and contribute to the gene pool is greatly decided by the environment and not by man. I'm a little leery (though I don't know what are the other options) about we humans establishing criteria for which horses are sterilized(or worse yet establishing no criteria and just operating on a ramdomness basis).

I guess what I'd hope would happen is that BLM would work closely with the Colonial Spanish groups and insure that those few herds/individuals of the Colonial Spanish type wouldn't be exterminated through a sterilization program.

Any thoughts, input, constructive suggestions, etc.?

Best regards,

Darla O'Neill
O'Vation Farm
East Tennessee