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SMR Ballot

A freind asked me to post this so that those of us who have become disenchanted with SMR might pray for a breath of fresh air. If they elect this lady and let her use her great ideas, I might have to try the Homecoming Membership myself.

SMR Ballot:

March 22, 2013


Please mark your selection for Director and return using the enclosed envelope. In order for your vote to count, your ballot must be returned in the enclosed envelope. The return envelope MUST be signed and MUST be postmarked no later than June 1, 2013.

PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE cash, checks or other communications!

Amanda Rimer

To get us caught up with the 21st Century, I strongly believe we need to make some much needed changes in the SMR. We need an updated website with better online support for new and existing members. We need incentives for people to rejoin, join, and stay with us. We need good outreach programs/support for our young folks. We need to make it easier to promote the registry. And we need transparency. Finally, we need to learn what other horse registries caught in the same bind are doing.
Specifically, if elected, I will work with the Board and the membership on the following:
1. Establishing the SMR as an IRS 501(c)(3) organization which provides a federal income tax deduction for donors who make charitable contributions. While that process is underway, develop a plan to increase membership and fund-raise in new constituencies that, with a tax deduction, might be attracted to the charisma and heritage of our horses.

2. Reconnecting with former members through phone calls, emails, and a free two-year Homecoming Membership. And reaching out to current members that we haven't lately heard from.

3. Developing a volunteer team to make a Best Practices/Lessons Learned study of 40 horse registries whose experience can help the SMR transform itself.

4. Developing a stronger online presence, including promotional packets members can easily access.

5. Supporting and developing the Youth Scholarship Fund.

I look forward to meeting many of you at this year's Annual Meeting here in Northern Utah. I would also appreciate your vote, Amanda

Re: SMR Ballot

She sounds like a winner.

Re: SMR Ballot

That is a breath of fresh air! Wonderful ideas.

Personally, I have reservations though. During the last election I paid my dues, despite not having an SMR registered horse at the time, to help vote a certain candidate in. It came out later that the candidate knew going in that he wouldn't get a seat. Despite this I would love to see her get elected and will renew my dues for this effort. But dang it would be nice to know going in that its not all smoke and mirrors. And getting hopes up for nothing.

I have no idea who is even running the show over there and do not mean this to come off negatively.

Re: SMR Ballot

Your timeline is off, last yr. there was only one candidate. Two yrs. ago there was two. I was one of 3 people who counted the votes. I can assure you there was no smoke and mirrors. We counted the votes 3 times,one candidate got more votes each time and was declared the winner. FRED

Re: SMR Ballot

Thank you Fred. I stand corrected. Seems I'm way off as Im recalling more than two candidates.