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my rant

Educating the public may be a waste of time but I dont think it is. I was given a great foundation in my education of spanish mustangs. Without that education, I would have chosen a cheaper, dead broke, auction horse. Instead, I chose mustangs. A few more horses got homes because someone took the time to make sure I had good information. Personsl conflicts thst hsd nothing to do with the breed made me decide to get away from the mustang crowd. The writings of others has stsrtrd to change my mind. If we cant look past our different opinions, politics, and methods; the horses will suffer. I have not done all that I could for the breed because I let personal feelings get in the way. I have not tried to get sny new members or tried to place any horses because I let personal feelings get in the way. New members are key to saving or registries snd in turn saving or spanish mustangs. If we can get past our own issues and remember why we started to care in the first place we can help our breed. One converted opinion can lead to more. Bad press will always stand in our breeds way but chipping away at that bad press is a small step in the right direction. Im not a breeder but I've met many. Im not a trainer but i've met many. Im s terrible rider but i've met many good ones. Someone took the time to introduce me to these people. Someone tookbthe time to show me all these wonderful horses and what they can do. My good start and the constant effort of others has renewed my faith in the breed. If I can be swayed, how many others can?

Re: my rant

I would encourage others to go to the blog and look at the photos. I am pretty sure no "real" SM's are in the photos - I am pretty sure the poster used a half SM (that does come up in some searches as just an SM) and a Kiger that is listed under "Spanish Mustang" in sale ads. I could be wrong....I certainly don't claim to be an expert by any means. I did post my thoughts on the photos. Picking out breeds by photo is not the easiest thing to do in many cases. Shoot I saw a photo once of a registered Arabian that looked (at least in the photo) like a QH....

I'm not sure the blog poster would ever be convinced but if we can post links to articles, post information to counter her perhaps someone reading the blog will realize a lot of what she is posting isn't accurate at all.

Re: my rant

I think many other people can be swayed, just not those who have intentionally closed their minds. Good for your for getting past interpersonal differences and focusing on the horses. I think the horses will be the better for it.

Re: my rant

I SMELL Long Riders Guild. The stench is that strong.

Real horse people know the value of the mustang, wild SMR and Southwest. Don't get mad I know there are others. People put down animals that they think make their own horses look inferior. This is why Crabbett blasted pintos...they were attacking the Marwari and Celtic ponies. The British destroyed the Scottish and Irish ponies with Clydesdales and decided to create NEW breeds without the pinto additions.

Hold these people in contempt, do not engage them because that is what they want. I do not argue ever with the Guild and some of the greatest horsemen ever have come to the HOA from the Guild. Real horsemen know the truth.