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Dragon, lost Spanish stallion.

Dragon's pedigree and story are quite fascinating. The 50-inch tall leopard, foaled in 1946, was discovered by Ellis Dunn of Texas while scouting for potential POA stock west of Mexico City. He purchased the "skinny as a snake" pony for $26.

At the U.S. border, Dragon joined a few appaloosa mares. Rafael Nieves of McAllen, Texas, paid the little herd's tariff across. Dragon's fee was higher than his purchase price, and export records listed the mares as dogs and Dragon as a gelding. By 1966, that "gelding" had sired 143 registered POA foals.

Although the stud's lineage is unknown, he proved to be a pure appaloosa mustang because he unerringly reproduced appaloosa breed characteristics. Those mustangs trace back to the Spanish conquistadors' horses imported to the Americas from the 16th through 18th centuries. Dragon became not only a pre-potent sire but also a lauded performance champion.

Re: Dragon, lost Spanish stallion.

When I was a young kid I got to ride a POA that was Dragon's grandson. I can't remember his registered name, barn name was Cochise. Very loud black/white fewspot who was in his 30's at that time. He stood about 13h if I remember right, his build was similar to many of our horses.