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Sticking with Emmett

Hebert's valedictory? I know, I've said it before.

But as I say in the message I posted on Sunday on the MAT Spanish Mustang site (which often gets registry political and where I have posted for well over a decade), since 1994 I have moved from the SMR's insider maverick, to its outsider gadfly, and now to chronicler of the Spanish Mustang Registry's riding into the sunset. With 22 folks at the 2012 annual meeting in rural Mississippi down from 47 attendees in 2007, and membership down from 356 in 2006-7 to 183 today, and only 48 members voting in 2010, well, hell, folks, with its tiny in-bred board of directors and zero relevant planning for the future, the SMR will soon be simply Marye Ann's studbook. (I am beginning to believe that Doug Lanham's Spanish Mustang Foundation in New Mexico, which the SMR named in September of 2008 as its successor if it is ever dissolved, might be a better manager of its assets.)

Beyond that eventuality, while the HOA and AHHA registries and programs are both dynamic and essential keepers of the colonial Spanish horse heritage, the loss of the SMR to a handful of blind followers of Emmett Brislawn and his Cayuse Ranch in Oshoto, Wyoming, is appalling. I take no joy, no schadenfreude in this passage.

Btw, back in June, I argued for folks who had grown disgusted with the SMR to re-up their membership and vote the old boys out. Well, that was before I read the SMR's current Annual Report.

Anyway, if you are of a mind to read an analysis of the SMR's situation as revealed in that Annual Report, go to:

Nevada Tom Hebert