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Horses For Sale

Check out the re-designed Horses For Sale page, which is under new management. Hopefully, we can keep the listings current.

If you have a horse listed that has been sold, please let us know. The listing is free to members, but a $20.00 donation to HOA is appreciated.

Re: Horses For Sale

Thanks for redesigning the Horses for Sale page. I think it will be easier for potential buyers to use. Unfortuneately, I find both the sales page and the ads VERY slow to load on dial-up. I get a "Page Not Found" error for the "Corolla Island Horses For Adoption" page. Actually, shouldn't that be Corolla Bank Horses?

Re: Horses For Sale

Diane: The Corolla Island Horse link has been up a long time and may not be viable at this time. I will check.

Yes, the .pdf files will take longer to load on slower connections, but we figured that would be better than having several different pages of horses.


Re: Horses For Sale

Not that I mind not doing the page anymore with my kids more involved with school activities, but it might have been nice to receive a call or email about it. If there was a problem getting the page updated I wasn't aware as I don't follow the message board often, nor am I on facebook very much either.

Re: Horses For Sale

Brandon, I'm sorry. 1 of our biggest problems is communions. In a email, I thought you had said that you wouldn't be able to be doing the sale board because of your childrens activies. Thats why we were looking for somebodyelse to do it. You have done a great job on it for many years. We didn't mean to slight you in any way.