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Re: Lido Fund question

Here's the rundown:

April 2009 - Doug Norush - transport of Flint

December 2009 - Heather Levaggi - purchase of hay for Mas de Domingo. (I believe Mas is now with Stephanie Lockhart.)

January 2010 - Karma Farms - transport of Layla

June 2011 - Stephanie Lockhart - transport of Sulphur's Storm

July 2011 - Maida Parsons - transport of Wallowa & Jubal

October 2011 - Clarissa Winchester - transport of Haista Sapa & Navaz

Donations to Lido's Fund can be mailed to me at:

Margaret Odgers
1601 Little Rock-Jackstown Road
Carlisle, KY 40311

Note: Make checks payable to Lido's Fund