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Re: Lido Fund question

Whoops, we had a information link at one time but it must have gotten taken off by mistake.

You can always send any donations to Della Norush, HOA Treasurer, 2295 E 1230 N, Attica. In. 47918

make a notation on it for the Lido's fund and she will make sure it gets to the right person.

I will ask Gretchen to get a link with the information back up.

Re: Lido Fund question

Thanks, Tom. After I posted, I located info on Steve Edwards site about the Lido Fund. It listed Margaret Odger as the administrator. Is this till correct?

Re: Lido Fund question

It is, Margaret is the Admin for it. I just didn't have her address handy.

Re: Lido Fund question

I will re-establish the Lido Fund link and story this weekend.

Margaret's Address is: Margaret Odgers; 1601 Little Rock-Jacktown Rd; Carlisle, KY

I don't have the zip code handy will get it posted later today.


Re: Lido Fund question

Thanks, Gretchen!

Re: Lido Fund question

The Paypal link and Lido's story have been uploaded to the website.

The Paypal link is on the Homepage

Lido's Story

Margaret Odgers will have to give us the statistics on how many horses/people received help from the fund.

Re: Lido Fund question

Here's the rundown:

April 2009 - Doug Norush - transport of Flint

December 2009 - Heather Levaggi - purchase of hay for Mas de Domingo. (I believe Mas is now with Stephanie Lockhart.)

January 2010 - Karma Farms - transport of Layla

June 2011 - Stephanie Lockhart - transport of Sulphur's Storm

July 2011 - Maida Parsons - transport of Wallowa & Jubal

October 2011 - Clarissa Winchester - transport of Haista Sapa & Navaz

Donations to Lido's Fund can be mailed to me at:

Margaret Odgers
1601 Little Rock-Jackstown Road
Carlisle, KY 40311

Note: Make checks payable to Lido's Fund