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Re: Horse of America's On-line Hall of Fame

Oh Tom, this is manna to me....I think it's a comulsive disorder *smiles* If I can get the information together, I can do it. And you have given me some information to start with. Kathy has already said she wants to help, and if I get down on my knewws and beg pretty please with sugar on top, I think Simrat might help with information.

And I will personally contact folks in the Southwest Mustang org for info on Gilbert.

My concern is getting photos of these animals. I know Ellie Foote will happily sing the praises of her mustang...but I did not know about the French folks mentioned.
I think with some steady work we can have something to show by summer. My only concern is pictures.

Re: Horse of America's On-line Hall of Fame

Sounds lie a good idea, Bev. I have lots of pics as does Nancy Pearson's great site. Just post what you need and we'll try to come up with them.