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Re: Horse of America's On-line Hall of Fame

This is a good idea. People coming along today should be able to look to those that have worked for years with these horses both to see what is possible for the horses to do and what it has been possible for a handful of people to do for the horses.

I am constantly confronted by the question as to whether the horses can actually be saved and honoring those who have worked and succeeded in doing so can only help lead more people to the effort.

Re: Horse of America's On-line Hall of Fame

I'm going to put something together, but I don't want to be the one deciding who's in it and who's not. And do we put everyone in it...or add someone yearly? Sounds dumb on my part.....but there are a lot of people who make this breed what it is and I don't know them. It would be unfair to leave someone off because I'm ignorant.

I think what I need right now are the names of Gilbert's foundation horses. And names to include...with Vik, Gretchn and Tom having the last say in it....if they want me to do it. I've not heard anything from any of them yet.

Re: Horse of America's On-line Hall of Fame

Along with the theme of hall of fame, but maybe we could set up a section for past winners of the awards also. It would give people a good idea of the horses and members who work hard at promoting these horses. I can provide them starting in 2008. Before that I don't have any information. Does anyone else have those names? Kathy

Re: Horse of America's On-line Hall of Fame

You're hired! I'm going to start compiling stuff..and if the powers that be say OK....we can go full hilt.
I can make a cover page...and keep the information seperate. Since Gretchen is the one doing the actual internet work....she will have to say OK or not.

Re: Horse of America's On-line Hall of Fame

I can't speak for Vik and Gretchen, but a Hall of Fame for those that came before us, and did so much to preserve our horses, is good idea. And a Hall of Fame for the Horses that helped put them there is a better idea. We have all heard the stories of Buckshot, Ute, Yellow Fox, Choctaw Sundance, but have many heard of the Mckinley mare that was in the first Bitterfoot race along with Yellow Fox and where Margaret McKinley placed. How about the horses Gilbert gave to Foote's for their journey to the North country or the ones he gave the 3 French writers pulling a covered wagon doing a book about the horses. Or Dale Burris showing Sailor all over the East Coast, his neice riding Capt Jack in shows all over the East Coast while we had Fightertown on the West Coast chewing up the competition.Bob Price in the endurance races on his Banker stallion before AERC or the other different groups.
Lets start pulling those stories together for those that will be helping top preseeve the horses in the Future.

And a Awards Hall of Fame covering all the different registries would be great.

There are a lot of people out there, with stories to tell about their horses and what happened before them. Kim KIngsley with Chief Yellow Fox and the 1st Jim Jones Award that went to a NON Arab stallion. Sadly we have lost Emmett and his great library of information but there are others that can and will share the stories if asked.

But who will step to the plate and do it. I am not a writer and honestly don't have the time or energy to do it.

Re: Horse of America's On-line Hall of Fame

Oh Tom, this is manna to me....I think it's a comulsive disorder *smiles* If I can get the information together, I can do it. And you have given me some information to start with. Kathy has already said she wants to help, and if I get down on my knewws and beg pretty please with sugar on top, I think Simrat might help with information.

And I will personally contact folks in the Southwest Mustang org for info on Gilbert.

My concern is getting photos of these animals. I know Ellie Foote will happily sing the praises of her mustang...but I did not know about the French folks mentioned.
I think with some steady work we can have something to show by summer. My only concern is pictures.

Re: Horse of America's On-line Hall of Fame

Sounds lie a good idea, Bev. I have lots of pics as does Nancy Pearson's great site. Just post what you need and we'll try to come up with them.