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Smith's PA type speedo

Does anybody know where I can download a diagram for the internal workings of this model speedo. Or, if anybody has said diagram, would they be kind enough to let me have a copy? I'm told my balls have dropped off and I'm curious (like I was when I took mum's best clock apart as a kid) to see how it works. Thanks in anticipation.

Re: Smith's PA type speedo

Stuart, don't know of any diagrams, but think you might be able to get replacement ball bearings from Howard Annett A7OC Chairman. Alternatively ask Nigel Cato if he can fix it. I understand it can be a bit tricky to get the races fitted.

Re: Smith's PA type speedo

Thanks Dave, I might contact Howard in due course-fancy having a go at it myself (for some weird and inexpliable reason)

Re: Smith's PA type speedo

Addendum: I have now replaced the ball bearings in the speedo and reset the needle to 5mph. Watch this space to see if it works!