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Seven tyre supplier

l've been running my Big Seven on oversize tryes for a number of years, they are 500/525X16 and motor bike tyres l think. l would like to fit the original size 475x16 mainly as they can rub the bodywork on cornering hard and turning can effect front wings.

l have noticed the Vintage Tyre Supplies stock a Firestone 475x16 tyre @£125 but do any readers know of a supplier alternative to this?

Re: Seven tyre supplier

I have just checked with another Big Seven Owner who recently searched for tyres for his car and ended up with the same size and make for £150 each. This included VAT and carriage. This size isn't easily available. Have you asked Robin Taylor, the Big Seven Registrar, if he knows of another source? Robin.E.Taylor@TalkTalk.net

Re: Seven tyre supplier

I am also looking for this tyre, have had a customer come in for it and cant find anywhere. If you get any good leads please let me know. Im thinking maybe soucing from abroad?

Re: Seven tyre supplier

Longstone Tyres (www.longstonetyres.co.uk) list Firestone 450/475 x 16 at £135.00 + VAT and Vintage Tyres Supplies (www.vintagetyres.com)list the same tyre for £139.00 +VAT

Still worth checking with Robin Taylor of the Big Seven Register who may know of other sources. Email: robin.e.taylor@talktalk.net