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Re: Leopard in background

Ross can answer this much better than I can and give you its history but it is a Y type Alexander bodied Leopard Fife 189 if I am correct. He is restoring it.

I have a series of photos of it and will put them up on the site when I get a chance if that is any help.

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: Leopard in background


In answer to your question about the Y-Type Leopard, it is in fact PSX189Y, which was new to Fife Scottish in November 1982 as their FPE189. It is a PSU3G/4R example.

It remained with Fife Scottish until 2000 (by then part of the Stagecoach group). However, it is known that during this latter period of it's life it was transferred to the Allisons Coaches of Dunfermline arm of Stagecoach.

Anyway, in 2000 it passed to Alexander Melville of Kirriemuir, where it joined it's sisters PSX185Y & PSX186Y, purely for use as a school bus where the seat frames were modified to take lap belts. It also recieved Blue & White livery, similar to Ulsterbus style which is why i presume you were asking about it.

In 2003 the summer of 2003, after the schools broke up for the summer period, Melville decided to pack in school contracts to focus on his haulage business and PSX185/6/9Y & Seddon Pennine 7 DSD952V were sent to Dunsmores bus & coach breakers for scrap.

Ironically PSX189Y still had 10 months of an MoT left to run and was sitting on a **** good set of 6 Michelin tyres. At the time i still had Leyland National OUF933W with RIL9133 which i was intending to use for spares so aquisition of a Leopard was of no co cern at the time. However after looking up lists, i discovered 189 was the last Y-Type new to Fife Scottish (not the last built though - 23 y-types were built after 189). Not only that, but unusually for a Y-Type, this was from a batch built without luggage racks, thus making it a bit unique as well.

After now serously considering the options, i decided to purchase 189 and tailed it out of the breakers before he had a chance to get the cutting torch warm. This purchase was the initial reason for me selling OUF933W & RIL9133 to Michael.

Ironically, the Leopard i use for Spares for 189 is none other that it's sister, namely FPE188 PSX188Y, which came to me via a different history, it's last operator being Hendersons of Hamiltom. However, if you this this is ironic, FPE190 RSC190Y is also at Gifford being used for spares, but this is a T-Type bodied Leopard.

Ross Aitken

Re: Re: Re: Leopard in background

thank you very much, very gd history given there ,

Re: Re: Re: Re: Leopard in background

Not a problem, i'm glad i could help.

When Michael was over we also took 189 out for a run, so Michal has lots of photos of 189 which i'm hoping he will put on the website.

Kind regards,
Ross Aitken

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Leopard in background

will look foward to seeing these