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Re: You can get this on vinyl

> LS 2 is going to Mike Nash' Thats a golden oldie that > one.

That is a very correct statement you have made for once as, as LS2 is of 1973 vintage, this vehicle can actually be classified as a 'Golden Oldie'

> Bus a day? Could you give a list of last weeks buses
> and what is expected this week. Have you any pictures?

Yes, Michael does, in most cases recieve a bus a day, but that does not actually mean they are all coming into the main museum base everyday, these vehicles could be kept at temporary storage locations pending decisions or movement. For example, quite a few of the buses Michael recieves are only fit for scrap, yet still have valuable spares to yield, spares which are removed 'on-site' and the remains broken up and scrapped without the said vehicle ever seeing the main museum base in Cork, however a few derelicts do actually make the journey to the main museum mainly for use as spares sheds to store other parts etc and also because the vehicle itself is a bit rare and it is possible that, in time, it could be saved long term, but in the meantime it is being used for storage.

What you usually see reported on the main site are the buses that have actually arrived/going to arrive at the main museum, but bringing hem to the museum base takes time and cannot possibly be done at the same rate of initial aquisition.