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Our Secret is finally out. We have only one bus!

Our secret is finally out and I finally have to acknowledge the truth. The museum really has only one bus.

The way it works is as follows: Every morning at 4.30 a.m. a meeting of museum management occurs to decide on the "bus of the day". After that the workmen frantically take our one and only bus and disguise it to look like the bus of the day. Photos are taken and it is announced as a new arrival. That way we give the illusion of having more buses than our one.

This in turn leads to lively discussion on the website. For example one day it is KC 109, another KC 129, yet another KC 152, 153, 157, call it what you will!

The real test of our illusions department is making it look like a Tiger or even a double decker and they are pretty fantastic. We keep a spare upper deck in the back of the depot to make it look like a decker. So you see, it is true that we only have one KC and we just change the plates every day! All the photographs of two or three or even four together are photographic tricks.

So we really do not have fourteen KC's and I regret giving the inmpression that we have. They are all our one and only bus selected as "bus of the day". I hope this clears things up for Thomas and othger begrudgers!

Michael Grimes

Re: Our Secret is finally out. We have only one bus!

is this some sort of joke?? are you trying to be funny??............. cause I've read the message twice and I still don't get it....