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Re: Re: depot & Why we have trailers.

OK, I still have to work this one out... Dr Grimes is obviously using a different mathematical equation than I am... here we go...

KC in service as citybus - 1983 to 2001 - 18 years
Dual door, 35 seat layout

KC in service as schoolbus - 2001-2005 - 4 years
Single front door, 45 seat layout

18 years obviously is FAR greater than 4 years, yeah?

So how do you come to the conclusion: "this is the way they spent most of their lives in service."
- I mean, what kind of a statement is that?

I accept you dont have the time or the money to do all the KC's up, that's fair enough, you dont need to say any more! But dont start quoting rubbish and distort the facts to suit yourself... just be honest about it - thinking about it now, surely it wouldn't be that hard to take the front doors out of a condemned 'KC' and put them in as the centre doors on a restoration vehicle...


Re: Re: Re: depot & Why we have trailers.

mr. grimes,

if you cut down on aquireing bus's which noboudy can relate too then you can save money and space i youre very crampt depot to do somethinh worthwehile [restore and maintain bus's which are of importance} buses like d711 kd156 m212 and othe cie bus's which if you bring to a rally somebody can say they remember them. no body remembers lealand nationls,plaxtion bodyed fords or any privaete operationers, think quaility not quantitty, having 100plus buses when are not good is not as good as having a few that are of a high standeard and importence to people. cie buses are more important. if you do that then people might take ktm seriously

Re: Re: Re: depot & Why we have trailers.

The Front doors in a KC Are larger than the middle doors so this is not possible.

What is needed is original KC Doors which cannot be got unfortunately.

Re: Re: Re: Re: depot & Why we have trailers.

No they are not.

Can anyone involved in this museum get their facts right?

Re: Re: depot & Why we have trailers.

Also trailers, especially the boxed type, make good storage accomadation for parts to keep them safe and dry. Even he Gifford Transport Group here in Edinburgh has invested in 4 trailers for storage purposes. It free's up valuble space in the workshops and storage buildings wer the buses are kept.