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Discussion on the Board must be civilised to stay posted.

I have said it before and I will say it again but all contributions to the board in order to stay posted have to be polite and neither bad language or attacking anyone or calling anyone liars will be tolerated.

No proper preservationist behaves in such a manner and our aim is to preserve and restore buses and also to help other preservationists where we can. It costs over €100,000 per annum to run the museum which is a loss and if you want to pay part fo that then you can have a say in what we do.

People have no idea of the amount of work that is going on and has been going on at the museum and our vast collecion is vivid proof of the fruits of our efforts.

I am very proud of the work Stephen Lynch did on KC 129 and she was one of the best turned out buses for a rally I have seen in a long time. And yet instead of congratulating him there is nothing but carping. Jeaklousy seems endemic in the Irish preservation movement which is indeed very sad.

The foreigner never conquered the Irish. We always did it ourselves to perfection. I hope this board can now revert to constructive comments that can he us to be the best bus museum in Europe.

So no more nasty comments.

Michael Grimes