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Re: There is Plenty of Work at the depot! But not on the buses

But we want to see some restoration work on the buses! It's about time at least one of the vehicles was put back to original condition like what other preservationists and museums do.

Saying that, the pictures of the KC on your web page do look really good and I hope the journey to the rally goes well

Why restoration suffers in summer!

The reason there is limited restoration in summer is that we only have a window of eight weeks to work on the depot owing to weather.

We are under very severe pressure for space at the moment with almost a bus a day coming in and our first priority has to be the expansion. And the first item here is a secure fence which everyone is currently working on. After previous vandalism we cannot take a chance as our collection is very valuable. I do not think people realise the physical size of the depot and think things like putting up a fence are only a days work. It is weeks as it is almost a half a mile long.

The second priority for the winter has to be maintenance due to our huge fleet of over 220 vehicles. Without maintenance we cannot hire vehicles out and cannot make money. So the erection of a maintenance shed has to be done and fast. As it will be 150 feet x 80 feet that too will not go up overnight.

KC 129 for Mogeely and KC 160 have just been turned out in fully restored condition but every bus takes weeks. On the other hand doing it properly like with KC 129 as shown on the main bus page shows how rewarding it can be. Even a simple thing like washing her takes over half a day. She has to be driven to the wash yard some seven miles from the depot, washed, detergent washed and then polished and finally driven back. But these washes are probably the first for years and are not a superficial wash but have to be a thorough heavy deep clean and wash like with 129. She will have taken twenty man hours!

If people like those armchair generals who do nothing but complain that we do not do enough, fast enough, were to even give us one day a month, we would progress by leaps and bounds but right now it is a small dedicated team of five who do the actual work and look after 220 buses and the depot and do a hell of a good job. Why is Chris not a member?

We only each have two hands, twenty four horus ba day and also have to earn a living. I think we do pretty well.

Michael Grimes

Re: Why restoration suffers in summer!


The way I see it is why don't you work through the winter, If you say that there is only 5 of you's and 220 buses, dont get any more until u have done more work, you jsut making more work for your self by, getting loads of buses then, not having space for em, or having to rush to extened the fence,

Re: Re: Why restoration suffers in summer!


The fence needs to be extended in order for Sub Contractors to move in to dig out the new Parking Area which will hold About 250 Buses and the new maintainance shed.

Restoration has recommenced on a Bus Eireann KC and is ahead of Schedule.I hope to have her ready for Mogeely.

I am currently the Only Regular Volunteer but we need more Help Anyone ??



Re: Re: Re: Why restoration suffers in summer!

what exactly are you doing for this restoration, is it just washing and cleaning?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Why restoration suffers in summer!

as far as am concerned, preservation work is more than a clean, surely micheal you need to do more than just clean the bus

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Why restoration suffers in summer!

this my first time putting message on this board , doctor grimes wants see some kind of work been done to bus that is all. gives us answer where is kd 156 still ardee in what i seen of it. so kells transport will never transport museum only junk yard for scrap, that is true . you just keep on youre so called museum at stop butting in what the mangemeant do at cork airport it was the same with the trains .

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Why restoration suffers in summer!

i understand that micheal, my care about what happens at cork airport, but you should not be going around harrasing the mangerment, then posting about it on the site, thats not tight, you would like cork airport to start post on the site about what KTM is doing, and critising your every move, so why do you do it to them