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Article in Todays Railways (UK) Formerly Entrain

It never ceases to amaze me how one can stir up the pot. In Irish Railway news there are a number of contributions which I kind get the feeling are not exactly praising me for my new role editing the Irish Pages of Todays Railways (UK).

I have no problem with anyone writing anything they like - witness this discussion board - but I have a problem when those who run a site like Irish Railway news deliberately set out to prevent me defending myself. All I ask is that people read whatever criticsm is made of me and then read my reply and then make up their own minds.

If there are any fair minded spirits out there perhaps they would be good enough to post a request on the Irish Railway News message board asking that I be allowed to make my contribution.After all, for good or for bad, I do write the only two pages of a monthly magazine devoting space to Irish Railways. It seems kind of crazy that Irish Railway News should ban me from their board. Or could it possibly be that I tell the truth and the truth hurts?

Anhow here is a sample of the messages and my reply.

First from Andy:

I bought the April 2006 edition of this magazine today.

On the front cover is a big green blob that shouts "Extended IRISH Coverage"

Leafing through it you get to page 16 and find that the two pages of Irish coverage are more or less filled by Mr (Doctor?) Michael Grimes.

You could always complain to dhaydock@wanadoo.fr if you felt that than objective view of "things Irish" won't be appearing in the magazine....................



Dear Andy:

I enjoyed your comment on Irish Railway News.

Believe it or not but I do strive to tell the truth and if therefore you think anything I write is not true then please let me know.

I would very much like if you could go on the Irish railway news and tell everyone what is wrong with my article. There is no point attacking me.

For good or for bad I am now the Irish Editor of Todays Railways UK and if you have any contributions you would like to make then I would welcome them.

Two other points. One is that I am not allowed defend myself on Irish Railway News so cannot respond to you which I would like to.

And secondly you seem to imply my doctorate is fictitious. I earned it the hard way and had a long academic career as professor.

Michael Grimes

P.S. What is wrong with the article?

Other contributions were kind of funny, although I doubt if that was the intention!

From: Joxer Sent: 31/03/2006 08:56
Must get the magazine - I'm sure it makes amusing reading.

If you do write to the editor, suggest that he keeps a strong libel filter on, given Mr. Grime's latest outpourings on his website about Cork Airport.


From: wombatofludham Sent: 31/03/2006 13:04
You can't help but wonder if our Mr Grimes won't be happy until he's set up the Cork Free State. President Grimes, well, at least the buses would run on time, and the planes would have heating.

How on Earth he escapes a libel case describing people in those terms I'll never know. I assume Ireland has similar libel laws to the UK? Whatever is happening at Cork Airport some of those comments are over the top. With free speech comes responsibility, one of which is to treat people with some sort of respect.

As for the relevance of Cork Airport to Kells Bus museum, probably the same as Peruvian Railways has to a Leyland Titan.