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Yes, I tend to agree with you John...

I have to say from the pictures I have seen it looks like a fine machine but how it came into KTM hands is a bit less clear, nonetheless it seems like a very unusual vehicle. The Ford R1014 and R1114 were fitted with a Ford D365 6-cylinder engine with turbocharger and Ford gearbox which was also fitted to the 'D' series Ford lorries and some of the early Ford Cargo lorries in the early to mid-1980's. It seems like a very clean and nice machine and I congratulate you for obtaining it but as like John, I dont take much interest in non-CIE vehicles myself, and an even lesser interest in KTM vehicles but this machine really is something special.


Thanks mark.

Although it will probobly rot in a KTM "depot" if you know what I mean.

Sureline Ford

Yes,Mark is right. It is a very unusual machine. Actually it is the first bus to come out of our body building shop hence the unusual design. Bet you did nto know we had one!

See the full history on the website.