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Bristol RELL - Sticky Accelerator

In the RE the accelerator is in a combination of linkages. These tend quite often to stick up. Best thing to do is get underneath with a wire bruch and brush them all. Give them a good splash with WD 40 or similar and make sure its moving again.
After its moving make sure you give all the joints a good covering with grease!

Hope this helps!

BeN'04 @ iTSbus.net

Re: Bristol RELL - Sticky Accelerator

Thanks Ben. Will try and let you know the outcome.

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: Bristol RELL - Sticky Accelerator

The way to free the Accelerator is take all the linkages off and greese them this will cure the problem the same with the steering

Re: Re: Re: Bristol RELL - Sticky Accelerator

Thanks Paul. Will try. With four RE's now we will have to do something!


Re: Bristol RELL - Sticky Accelerator

What is the 4th RE A Bus Eireann Machine or Tranlink


Re: Re: Bristol RELL - Sticky Accelerator

Yeah good question I am curious to know what this fourth machine is and where it came from..!!

Re: With all due respect Mark.....

With all due respect Mark the museum does not have to conduct its business in public and what it acquires, what it does and what it will do are matters for the museum and its members only.

You are not a member so again with respect, it is no business of yours anymore than what you do is our business. We respect what you do and do not go on critising you and never have and never will.

I presume you run your operation the way you want to and good luck to you and we run ours the way we want do.

This board is for discussing buses and not for sniping at anyone - and that includes me, by the way. What is your gripe? Are we not both doing our best to preserve our transport heritage the best we can and what is wrong with that?

Michael Grimes