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Dr Michael Grimes seen on Sligo-Dublin train today posing as an Ianrod Eireann member of staff!

I've been on the Sligo-Dublin train this afternoon where I spotted Dr Grimes posing as a member of Ianrod Eireann staff and taking personal details from unsuspecting passengers. What the hell is he playing at? The matter has been raised with genuine Ianrod Eireann Staff and the Gardai.

Re: Not alone was I posing but I had to drive the train as well!

I just don't know where these crazy messages comr from but I think I had better own up.

Owing to the shortage of drivers on the Sligo line I also had to drive the train as well. Then there was a breakdown for an hour and I had to fix the engine as Irish Rail can't pay the mechanics either.

I also had to check all the tickets which further delayed the train as one cannot do a ticket check and drive at the same time!

To make matters worse Dr. O'Reilly has enlisted me for his new survey on the breakfast habits of the Irish. So, to cap it all in addition to the above duties, I had to go around to every passengers and find out what they had for breakast. The Department is studying the relationship between people with big mouths and obesity. I certainly sought these details.

Strangely I remember distinctly the message poster on the train saying he only ate nails for breakfast as they gave him a nasty feeling for the day but I paid no attention as he was obviously telling the truth.

And of course all this comes through my new power of bilocation with me being in the High Court and nowhere near Sligo on the said day.

This is a message board for buses and matters relating to them. People from abroad read this board and they must think we are mad in Ireland. Could I ask readers to please stick to the subject of buses and not be inventing imaginary tales.

Michael Grimes

Mcihael Grimes