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So it seems that DF795 has left Capwell and was spotted in the Greater Dublin area very recently.

What is the story here, and where is the bus going, does anyone know?

I personally doubt BE would tow it all the way to Dublin if it was a scrap bus.

It would be very nice to see it brought back to life. She was a fine machine, as I remember from trips to Cork in the late 1990s.

At the very least 795 could be used as a donor to keep some of the other few surviving VanHools on the road for years to come.

Lets hope for the best anyway.

Someone else already mentioned 454 on this message board. Is this machine going to be preserved?

Re: DF795

DF795 was scrapped in Clondalkin Metal Recyclers last week along with TE15 and VWL107.

Re: DF795

Proof please or it didn't happen. A photo will do.

Re: DF795

Does it make any difference you donkeys arse.

Re: DF795

So you say she was scrapped?

I'm a bit puzzled here. Why would 795 be towed all the way to Dublin for breaking up?

Surely the cost of towing all the way from Cork to Dublin would be much greater than the scrap value of the bus?

It doesn't seem to make any sense.

Somebody mentioned on the Garaiste forum that she was sold privately


Re: DF795

DAF engines make big money in Nigeria. Scrap is very high at the moment and BE use 3 appointed scrappers so distance isnt the issue as its part of the contract.

Re: DF795

Maybe you are just assuming DF795 is now scrapped.
Oh please have a word with your mate Finbarr, he can't be too far away from you seeing as you share the ip address.

Re: DF795

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Re: DF795

Who rattled your cage then? You seem to be angry over something. we'll have to call you Finbarr Fury.

Re: DF795

No Fury here my friend I just love to see a slow guy you making his way in the world

Re: DF795

DF 795 is not scrapped , it is currently in mid restoration in north Dublin.