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leyland tiger NDW 146X

hi, i was wondering if you still have the Hills Of Tredegar Leyland tiger NDW146X as i am a big fan of hills and would love to have 146 if ever became avaliable



Re: leyland tiger NDW 146X


Regarding NDW146X, although body plate & chassis plate point to this vehicle being NDW146X, it is believed that the vehicle we have may not be NDW146X.

The reason behind this is that original pics of NDW146X show this vehicle with shallow windows along the bodyside (coach style) while the one we have has full height bodyside windows.

Unless NDW146X has had a body rebuild at some point, there is doubt that the vehicle 82-C-1636 is NDW146X despite plates pointing to the fact it is. It has to be considered that i have found a few vehicles that have made it to the museum have had identities swapped at some point while in Ireland, but before making it to the museum.


Re: leyland tiger NDW 146X

Pic of NDW146X:

82-C-1636, which is the vehicle we have and believed to be NDW146X according to both chassis & body plates, does not have this style of bodyside windows. This casts doubt on the original identity of our 82-C-1636.

82-C-1636 is this style of windows: