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Re: Arson Attack

I could well totally be over-reacting to the whole situation, but as you said, it does make you sit up and think, more so when statements like bombs, Fuses, Detonators and only the Ulsterbuses were hit - it does seem like shades of the old north/south divide issues.

On the other hand though, as soon as any visitor walks into the main museum yard, all you are greeted with is wall to wall Ulsterbus Tigers in the main yard. Yes there is other non Ulsterbus vehicles in the main yard, but these are tucked away out of sight at the left side and back of the yard and only accessible once you negotiate around rows of Tigers. Assuming for a moment this has nothing to do with the north/south divide whatsoever and was some nutter with a grievance against Michael, they are not going to be selective about what buses they hit, only the ones closer and easily accessible to make a quick getaway - unfortunately all the ones close enough to get in and out the yard are the Ulsterbus Tigers unfortunately.

As i said, everything is all iff's and but's and pure speculation, but no one knows for sure why and who and this is the scary part.


Re: Arson Attack

Just listening to the radio this morning and it seems trouble has flaired in belfast again, with use of guns! Surely the divide cant be starting again? This will have a knock -on affect with every day life and surely this will only cause more anger towards the museum. Reading Michaels latest update and looking at the pics, the loss is awful, and such a sad sight to see. I will send Michael a personal email to see if we can help each other in some way. Fingers crossed, this was a one off and they will leave people and the museum alone. Best wishes, Martin

Re: Arson Attack

After reading the latest post on the website, I find it very hard to beleive that a criminal or terrorist gang would travel to Cork from Armagh. Unless of course you had really pi55ed someone off big style. However, I would suggest that information or suspicions, whether they come from Gardai or other sources should be kept to oneself until arrests/charges have been made, otherwise you run the risk of tipping the investigations hand and maybe undoing any progress made.