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Re: Arson Attack

Hi, I have never posted here before but just wanted to write a quick response. I contacted Michael Grimes through Ross roughly a year ago regarding a Lynx and he contacted me straight away, and seemed a genuinely nice guy! Ive never met him but can only speak from what i find, and hope to contact him again very soon. Unfortunetly, 2 days after speaking to Mr.Grimes about rescueing a Lynx i was taken very ill and im still recovering. Couldnt believe it when i looked at the site last night for the first time in a year to see such a sad picture of the burnt out vehicles. People put alot of time and energy into collecting and looking after buses and evoke memories from childhood for some.I understand some folk dont get along but is this the answer? Very sad. I wish everyone the best and hope this situation can be sorted . Martin in Bristol UK

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