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Re: D711 and KD184

I recommend sending D711 to a firm called the busworks. Its in Blackpool but they do great work and it should definately be looked at if it means saving D711

Re: D711 and KD184

D711 had fallen foul of the elements well before myself and Stephen got to it.

The upper saloon floor is severely rotten, poor anti-corrosion protection and being open to the Irish weather for the past decade have left it in a state where the bus is unstable structurally.

I don't believe that it could even make it out of Cork without the help of a lowloader and a bottomless pit of money. I don't think it could be done, if you visit and see for yourself you would agree.

KD184 is structurally sound. It requires some welding to the windscreen area and some work underneath. It needs some windows fitted, which we have, a complete interior refurbishment, and some precautionary mechanical work on top of the current list of work to be carried out. We have pieced together most of the electrics, and it runs on an IV drip!

Unfortunately, getting KD184 up to a reasonable condition could cost up to €40,000+ to outsource the work.

Re: D711 and KD184

What kc class have ye got ? I thought there was a good few in reasonable condition ?