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PL Rosslare Branding

Hi All, just wondering if anyone could help me on this issue, we are in the closing stages of refurbishing an ex Bus Eireann PL Leyland Tiger Paramount, and the photo we are going by for the livery shows on the top of the windows on either side, are the Rosslare brandings for route 002.

The ones I can make out are:

First window : Rosslare
Second Window: Wexford
Third Window: Enniscorthy
Fourth Window:
Fifth Window:

I am missing the last two destinations, I have a feeling one is Gorey and the last is either Arklow or Dublin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The route branding is the Large White Letters on the side windows just in case anyone needs a memory jump start!

Thanks guys, any photos would be great either, as we are hoping to have her sorted in time for the Summer shows.

Re: PL Rosslare Branding

Give it up mate, can smell it from here

Re: PL Rosslare Branding

You alright there yourself? please if we could have some constructive comments on this issue it would be great, all will be revealed in June

PL51 is the vehicle in question, might help get peoples memories on track a bit better, she was bought along with PL52 & 53 for the Rosslare route, and recieved the special branding for this.

Private messages can be emailed to me at TECofIreland@gmail.com

Re: PL Rosslare Branding

Contact Fred Dean Jnr. He has a vast amount of photos so hes sure to have what your looking for. He has a flickr site, you should be able to contact him through that.

Re: PL Rosslare Branding

Thanks very much JR,ill track Fred Dean down and we'll see how we get on, thank you very much.