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ADs & VAs

Does anyone know if any ADs or VAs are preserved?

Re: ADs & VAs

AD 63 is so far the only one preserved , in recent weeks AD 47 , 49-57 , 59-62 , 64-70 were all scrapped meaning that AD 63 is the only one to be preserved in Dublin Bus format , there are still 31 AD's operating in the Bus Eireann school fleet however all of these have been converted to single door and have aquired other Bus Eireann modifications including livery. Of the 31 AD's still operating , most if not all are expected to be withdrawn by the end of this year.
The DA's which are the Bus Eireann spec AD are being withdrawn as we speak , it is thought that only 2 or 3 are now left in service , none are expected to return to service in september.
Given that there is a high resale value on the Daf SB220 engine , it is possible that AD 63 could end up the only preserved bus with an Alexander Setanta body as the engines are still worth between €5000-10000 depending on condition.
Not sure whats happening with the VA's , they were advertised for sale along with the mechanically identical VW's , while most of the VW's sold for further use , there seemed to be no takers for the VA's , so its possible that all the VA's could be heading for the scrapyards also.

Re: ADs & VAs

I believe that Bus Eireann and Dublin Bus may have a new tendering policy for preservationists which should make thngs much easier. I hardly believe that out of all those 90 buses, only one will survive, seeing as there are three seperate classes and many operating types like airlink and stationlink within these.
I think that at least one of each should be aquired.