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Whatever happened to VS6

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knows whatever happened to Volvo B57 - VS6 that was latterly based at the Transport Preservation Trust at Beith in Ayrshire.

Just curious as, VS215 which is still based there, has had some bits removed from it relating to the acceleration equipment and also from the footbrake valve. IIRC, but don't quote me on this, i seem to remember a brief look over VS6 when it was at Hillington revealed a missing accelerator pedal. I also recall that when the collection was moved to Beith, that one of the VS's drove down (probably VS215) but the other was towed (Probably VS6).

Although it's just speculation, i'm left wondering if stuff was removed without permission off VS215 for when VS6 was removed from Beith.


Re: Whatever happened to VS6

A man named Gary Manahan bought it from Dublin, so presumably the items missing are on his vehicle, ill see we get them returned shortly.