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1300 is a Leyland through and through.

1300 is a pure Leyland Tiger with a Volvo engine. 2610 for example, is a pure Leyland Tiger with a Gardner engine. 1299 is a pure Leyland Tiger with a TL 11 engine. But they are all standard Tiger chassis.

From a driving point of view 1300 would be the best of them as the extra power of the Volvo is very much appreciated. the 26xx are not good machines and they are designed as slower machines for city use and therefore do not drive as well as any 13xx.

Unfortunately, they were all metrobus originally who did not look after them that well and alas with the exception of probably 2642 and 2648, are all pretty ropey. 2648 certainly is a nice machine but then she was a Ballymena machine.

2673 seems typical of the breed and rattles a lot and has none of the tightnesss of the N types.

I would argue that the best machines of all are the 3xx and 4xx as they seem of much stronger construction. I would then perhaps rate the 12xx next but of all the Ulsterbus Tigers 598 is without doubt the nicest of all. She is a TL11 example but with a Van Hool body.

A lot has to do with where they were based and I would say that Ballymena machines 1132, 1143, 1274, 1312 are all superb machines with 1309, 1310, 1311, 1313 trotting closely behind.

Finally because of the nasty comments I have deleted the entire thread. We are here to discuss buses, everyone is entitled to have their views, the views are entitled to be totally different but nobody is to criticise people for their views. We are here to discuss buses not people, so bera that in mind.

So please can we discuss the buses not the contributors.

I would welcome the views of people who have driven them to see if they agree.

Michael Grimes

Re: 1300 is a Leyland through and through.

Saying as there is only a few 13XX buses left in ulsterbus will you be buying off them?