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the next tiger for the museum

Hi i,m a driver in banbridge co down we are a sub dopet of craigavon in our fleet we have 1300-01-02 you can take your pick,just for the interest i will be with ulsterbus 33 years on the 22jan in that time i have drove many bus's of all kinds but the bus that stands out from them all is the tiger, yours eugene martin p.s.good luck with the museum

Re: the next tiger for the museum - Will 1300, 1301 and 1302 come.

Thanks Eugene. We would hope to have 1300 in keeping with our having xx00. Can you tell us if the three are still in service or in reserve and where exactly they are? Are they all good machines?

As you probably know the first of the 13xx N Tigers are 1309, 1310, 1311, 1312 and 1313 of which we have received 1309, 14310 and 1313. When the weather improves hopefully 1311 and 1312 will be on their way but we are taking no chnaces while the roads are bad.

1300, 1301 and 1302 would make an interesting addition and be another first for preservation.

Thanks again for the info. We rely on people like you for information.

Michael Grimes