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What Tigers are good and bad?

While the discussion on the merits of each depot is interesting, our experience is that every Tiger we have got from Translink is superb and as they are spread across all depots you cannot define good buses by depot.

Our preference is for Ballymena buses but this is like having a preference for Vauxhall cars which would not mean that others were bad.

Finally somebody put up a false posting on 1274 under Stephens Paynes name. Just for the record, 1274 is the best machine we have, she is absolutely perfect and with 2610 will be going to Mogeely rally so everyone is invited to come and see here there on July 19. See you there!

Michael Grimes

Re: What Tigers are good and bad?

I hear that 1299 is good! If you got it you would have the first and the last t11 n-types. For volvo engined tigers (endavours,n-types,q-types) any of omaghs are good!As for TE's i'm not to sure but i think that 520(renumbered on paper 2520) looks good.