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I think i was told by Mr Grimes a few times that I had been quite helpful, There are people who seem very good at sitting and saying that buses are good, are these people are those that either havent had a good look underneath or those that dont work on them.

Alot of Omagh Tigers will never have done alot of work, and by that i mean work all day everyday, without stopping, This has been know to cause Tigers problems,
N types seem to have a big weak link, and that is there Air system, now if a Tiger comes from a depot were it does little work, or only works short runs then the Air system seem to start to give bother.
To be honest, that is the last thing that the Kells will want, because they have enough hastle running round after other buses.

Now, back to your first comment, If you are willing to preseume that I have never been to Ballymena depot and had a look at SOME of there buses, then you clearly dont no me, and why wont you use your real name?
Newtownards buses are well worked, and as so prove to give little bother, I no they maybe not the best inside, but underneath they are better than buses that come from some depots.

I am not putting down all BM or OM buses but, all I have said is that the ones I have looked at have been rough. They are good inside, but underneath they need alot of work done.

But sure this is only my opinion, and there are others who seem to know better, or think that they know better.

Aw well shows how well people take other peoples personal opinions

Phill ( Note this is my REAL name unlike other people)