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CVH1 Running

June 2, 2009. Stephen did a very quick gearbox change on CVH 1 and she was so good he took her to Arklow and back for a run and she performed perfectly, a tribute to those who built these fabulous machines. We intend getting her a MOT and she should have no trouble passing.

Well done, could you please put up some photos of the run or even a quick video???

Re: CVH1 Running

Hope to have a video online tonight or early tomorrow. Shes running fine now except for a water leak at the side of the water pump, but that should be rectified later.

our youtube channel is rivercourtcoaches so dont be afraid to check us out!

Re: CVH1 Running

If you could show us the bus going forward and in reverse we would be all very grateful.

Re: CVH1 Video

Sorry Ted i only got your message about reversing when i got home but we are planning a good size video when shes looking a bit healthier next week if you can hold off till then. We had quite a job finding reverse as when you push the button, you have to press a switch above it also to get her to select reverse. Well the short very badly edited video has arrived, taken by Christy & Me in the yard today.

He deserves all the credit as not many apprentice mechanics at such a young age set a task of rebuilding a coach like that, as well as having just done an engine change on his Dennis truck , which the video is online also following its succesful DOE pass result!

Enjoy the clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUlN1wNOgE8&feature=channel_page


Re: CVH1 Video

Seeing as you are now doing videos can we see a video of D711 as you said you got it going.

Re: CVH1 Video

Now that CVH 1 is running again I'm just wondering if any thought has been given as to what Livery it will wear?