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Re: CVH1

Another Herman inspired Kells response.

GAC was wound up in 1986 and CIE had bought and stockpiled the KRs.

The Van Hools were leased from the Arlington motor comapny in 1986 and were bought at the end of their 3 year lease in 1989.

As I stated CVH1 was not the first COACH, TE1 was.

Get your facts correct or dont bother.

Re: CVH1 was the first coach.

We are splitting hairs. CVH 1 was the first REAL coach delivered to CIE/Bus Eireann and was the start of a long line. I really do not regard TE 1 as a coach at all as she was merely an express bus.

In any event CVH 1 predates TE 1 of which there is no doubt. In terms of legislation anything that was CIE was transferred to Bus Eireann and therefore whether she was CIE or Bus Eireann is legally immaterial as they were one continuous entity.

Michael Grimes

Re: CVH1 was the first coach.

You are just twisting things to suit yourself as usual because if we use logic the surely PL1-10 or PL11-40 or the WVH/LVH classes were the first 'real coach'.

Fact of the matter remains that you see this hobby as another mad thing that you do were you think that the more buses you have it makes you better than everyone else.

I take it if you are friends with Bus Eireann now then you are dropping your court case?

Re: CVH1 was the first coach.

If you check the registration details of the final batch of KR's you will find that they have 87 D XXXX registrations , these were units which were unfinished at the time of the GAC liquidation which were aquired by Bus Eireann in 1987 and they had to have the assembly completed themselfs , this is on the offical record somewhere (I'm still looking as there is a vast amount of information to look through)
To further split hairs over CVH 1 as a CIE asset that became Bus Eireann property on in Febuary 1987 it would have been numerically the lowest numbered coach in the fleet that was not assigned to schools (I think there were still a number of former C class coaches (the final batch from Galway I think) still knocking about in schools services)so it would have been the first coach to have its ownership papers transfered to Bus Eireann , hence becomming its first coach (by a matter of seconds possibly)