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We are very grateful to Stephen and Denny

The museum is most grateful to Stephen and Denny for their exquisite suggestions so beautifully put.

We have sent them away for analysis as we were afraid we would be unable to determine the exactness of the suggestions made therein. We were also afraid the emails might, in our interpretation, make the suggestion of attacking people which is not allowed on this site.

Perhaps Stephen and Denny could address this issue and assure us they are complying with the site wishes and their emails were not intended as an attack on anybody.

We would like confirmation that they are over 7 as the spelling and grammar could lead to the false conclusion that they were under 7 and children under seven are also banned from posting on this board, a rule which was made so long ago I cannot remember why!

Anyhow, one thing we clearly understand from your messages is that you want us to obtain as many N Tigers as possible and we will certainly do that. Thanks again for your most remarkable suggestions which we are sure will be a great help to bus preservation in Ireland.

Michael Grimes

P.S. What is your hangup with us?