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Stephen : Do you really want everything scrapped?

Stephen is complaining at 1274 coming to Cork. The alternative was Hamills. That is the reality of the situation. Is he seriously suggesting all our Tigers should have gone to Hamills? I disagree.

Furthermore Stephen has not the guts to put his name to his posting so I challenge him to do do so. I further challenge him to let readers know his background and whether or not he has any preserved buses.

We know Stephen lives near Botanic Gardens Park in Belfast but not who he is - no doubt to his relief!

We are very proud of our Ulsterbus collection and there is no risk of 1274 or any of the others being lost. In fact 1274 is doing a Bus Eireann route this afternoon on the 221 to Knockraha followed by a Cork Airport run so we will be out to photgraph this unique event.

But to put it bluntly, it is our museum and it is our money. Our policy is to have the best and largest bus museum in the world. We have achieved the latter and are well on our way to the former.

What people like Stephen forget is that we are an operating museum and therefore will suffer mechanical problems. In the last month we have lost a TL 11 and a 680 engine followed by a gearbox failure. There was no problem as we had ample spares and the defective units were replaced in a couple of days. It is museum policy to keep as many of our Tigers as possible Tigers (and Leopards) running indefinitely.

Spares are going to be impossible to get as the years go by and in fifty years time, Tiger spares will be like gold. Our best guess is that to keep fifty Tigers running you need ten spare Tigers. Time alone will tell if we are right but we certainly will not be that far wrong. Hence our reason for so many.

If you look at Cultra they have magnificent exhibits but are not faced with the problem of running things there in fifty years time. We are. I dont say we have the perfect solution but based on the best current museum thinking our approach is prudent and cautious and gives us the best chance of achieving our aims.

Other than Ulsterbus I do not think anyone can even grasp the size of our museum which now approaches 400 buses. I wish I knew what the future holds but certainly if one followed Stephens policy of sending
everything to Hamills then all these magnificent machines would be gone for ever. Is that what he wants?

An even better suggestion. Stephen, post here your philosophy and how you see the future for preserved Northern Ireland Transport and what we should do better and rest assured if you have any good suggestions they will be carefully considered as we have no monopoly on ideas and need all the help we can get. Over to you!

Michael Grimes.

Re: Stephen : Do you really want everything scrapped?

Michael Grime could u pleease get you info right and i and have used my name in my massage it is true thet it is u money but the fact is that your are grabing everything that moves. and not giving anyone else a chance. I take it Bus Eireann know that your running there service for them with a lience i take it.

We are very grateful to Stephen and Denny

The museum is most grateful to Stephen and Denny for their exquisite suggestions so beautifully put.

We have sent them away for analysis as we were afraid we would be unable to determine the exactness of the suggestions made therein. We were also afraid the emails might, in our interpretation, make the suggestion of attacking people which is not allowed on this site.

Perhaps Stephen and Denny could address this issue and assure us they are complying with the site wishes and their emails were not intended as an attack on anybody.

We would like confirmation that they are over 7 as the spelling and grammar could lead to the false conclusion that they were under 7 and children under seven are also banned from posting on this board, a rule which was made so long ago I cannot remember why!

Anyhow, one thing we clearly understand from your messages is that you want us to obtain as many N Tigers as possible and we will certainly do that. Thanks again for your most remarkable suggestions which we are sure will be a great help to bus preservation in Ireland.

Michael Grimes

P.S. What is your hangup with us?