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Re: Rivercourt Coaches - The JATO bottle problem.

As the person who designed the first Irish JATO powered bus I may be qualified to comment on Dave Mahers observations.

This is a new technique which can cause considerable smoking very similar to the way Gardners smoke. As is known Gardners smoke a lot when starting. The JATO bus smokes a lot when running.

What Stephen did to this coach is that he removed the rear boot space and inserted a JATO bottle to assist the acceleration.

Unfortunately,the JATO bottle was more suited to a Model DC3 MCI coach and has proven to be unsuited to Paramounts. Accordingly he has decided to scrap the idea, the JATO bottle has been removed and she is now back in service without any problems.

Stephen were very conscious of his obligations to the environment and others and he was afraid the sight of a JATO engined Paramount might have upset Dave and caused him to view him in an unfavourable light.

If Dave had only identified himself he would have been shown the installation which is quite complex and in which he would have taken a great interest.

Stephen would gladly have put him at the wheel for one last attempt with the JATO bottle so he could test it out firsthand as his report would have been very interesting indeed. Believe you me, there is nothing more interesting as a last event on this earth as driving a JATO assisted bus! I trust this clears the matter up.

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: Re: Rivercourt Coaches

What do you mean you would not see this in the UK.??? Some of the old relic i drive on a daiy basis not only are prone to smoking badly, but literally shake themselves to bits and even have tape holding things in place - and this is a major UK wide bus operator.!!!

I have seen better buses in the scrapyard than what i have to put up with.