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Re: Re: Re: friends

And people wonder why Irish bus preservation is the laughing stock of Europe , the pettty and small minded attitudes of many involved is staggering and why preservation is a taboo subject and almost a dirty phrase in the Irish bus industry proper , whilst there are a number of individual Irish preservationists who are highly respected both at home and abroad , there are many who give the movement a very bad name , one look at some of the messages left on this board shows why the general public views people with an interest in old buses as being one step above special needs.
The Irish bus preservation movement is fast becomming a national embarrasment , compared with the movement in the North we should hang our heads in shame , you dont see this kind of petty bickering and insulting attitudes up there.
I'm tired of listening to people moaning about the KTM , they are not perfect and have a long way to go , but at least they are doing something ,weather you like it or not they have the largest collection of preserved buses on the island , so get over it! , many of the exhibits may be in bits presently , but its better to have a preserved bus in bits then not have it all if it had been cut up and recycled.
And as for all the whinging about the Bus Eireann KR's , I would again remind people that before Dr. Grimes stepped in ALL OF THEM had been sold to RECYCLING COMPANIES and no preservationist was going to get any , because of the legal challenge there are still 12 complete KR's in existance (for now) if Bus Eireann had got its way THERE WOULD NOW BE NO COMPLETE KR'S IN EXISTANCE.
And for all the perfect preservationist begrudgers out there , 18 months ago a 1933 Leyland Titan TD2 ex-GSR and later a CIE RP type which was nearly complete and possibly the first example of a preserved bus in Ireland , was mercilessly tipped over and cut up and dumped in skips to make way for new housing , where were the know-everythings during this shameful episode?
And as for Cork Airport , it is comferting to see that while they are being privatised by the back door , Dr. Grimes remains their biggest concern , for anyone unfimilar with back door privatisation it goes something like this , the DAA allows the CAA to become independant after stripping it of all sellable assets and attaches a 110 million Euro debt to it , as Cork Airport generally turns an operating loss every year it is unable to service the debt , after 3 - 4 years the Airport becommes completly insolvant and is then sold for a nominal fee (such as 1 Euro) with an agreement from the buyer to take on the debt , deal completed and the DAA has indirectly sold Cork Airport to a private third party buyer for 110 million Euro while it still has assets previously belonging to Cork Airport to sell to the new owner at a higher price , while the DAA and the Government have no dirt on their hands and leaving the board , managment and employees of Cork Airport to take the blame for loosing the airport , and anyone who thinks that it cant happen , does Ispat International ring any bells?