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ERF towtruck

Spotted the museums monster ERF towtruck passing through Abbeyleix last night, headed for the boat in dublin maybe? she was being towed on rigid bar by a red truck, not sure if it was the ex Lothian towbus.

Re: ERF towtruck - Not going to boat but for new clutch.

Nice to know that some people have sharp eyes. You were absolutely right and she was on her way to Dublin but not to the boat.

Her problem was that the clutch was gone when we got her and we needed to change it. The clutch is a double clutch and the removal of the gearbox and clutch together is a major operation. We simply did not have the equipment to lift her and get the gearbox out.

As she is vital to the museum we decided to send her to a spcialist in Dublin to change the clutch. We were very fortunate to get a clutch as they are now extinct.

The clutch has been got out of her now and the new one should be in within a few days barring any unforeseen problems.

The reason she was towed to Dublin was that we had not enough clutch to drive her but as the engine was perfect, we left it run all the way, so we had full brakes, and it worked fine.

Stephen is also taking the opportunity to do a few other jobs to her so when she is finished she should be as good as any towtruck in Ireland and her best asset is that she has an eleven foot lift on the rear which is essential for modern buses. A paint job will not do any harm either.

We will keep you posted.

Michael Grimes