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Re: JP wants to know the size of our car park. It is the airport car park so plenty of space..

In case it has escaped people the museum address is Knockraha Airport and there is parking for some 300 cars so we are not too worried about not being able to provide parking.

If you park in the main car park you just walk 100 yards past the Coach Park and Terminal and the museum is all in front of you.

Practically all the roads signs in the area carry Knockraha - Knockraha Airport on them. The bus stop at the gate has a Bus Eireann sign on it and the word Airport. In the gate between the cream walls and there you are. Between the entrance and the car aprk is the helipad which has a sign on it so be careful around it as we do not have any fences.

We look forward to visitors. I kind of miss the point about variable rates of charging as we simply do not charge visitors and the car park is also free. There are six buses a day to Knockraha - Bus Eireann Route 221 and just asked to be dropped at the airport gate. Beware that other 221 buses go to Hazelwood and Sallybrook and you do not want those only those going to Knockraha Airport and Knockraha.

On Saturdays often as can be seen from photos on our website you will find one of our Tigers at Knockraha on the 1400 service to Cork!

So do come and visit us.

Michael Grimes

Re: Rational Reply to Various Points Raised under Ryanair and Armchair General.

You are a hooribe rotten liar.

Re: Re: Rational Reply to Various Points Raised under Ryanair and Armchair General.

Wise up he is telling the truth i've drivin past the museum before