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Letter from an "armchair general"

Dear Mr Michael Grimes

In response to what has now been put on the homepage I must say that I am hurt and annoyed.

I am not an "armchair general" nor have I hidden my name, I am what I couldn't say clearer - a potential visitor to your facility. I commend your devotion to your cause, commend your intention and only wanted to make impartial suggestions coming from the angle of being just what I say - a potential visitor.

I have neither been snide nor rude and do not appreciate being derided in the way you have on your homepage.

I merely passed comment on the only information I have on your facility - this site. I repeat that I think your issues with all things aeronautical bear no connection with the alleged subject matter of this site. How about a survey of your readers to see how many are interested or care for these matters, I am bold enough to suggest you will see that most are on here to read about your museum and exhibits nothing else.

I live on the Inishowen Peninsula in North Donegal and have travelled worldwide to mechanical museums and had thought about travelling to your facility (a journey of 7 hours minimum) but merely tried to point out that the one thing you do not get across in your pictures is what I called "a pleasant visiting experience". The fundamental of my suggestions is that if you dropped the personal rants and tried to get this message across instead you may just see a rise in visitor activity. Afterall 800 - 1000 buses in a stoned field are just that if no-one is going to see them - then they become exhibits.

Having worked in construction management all over the British Isles for 30 years I fully understand what is involved in hardcoring a field and could get into an endless technical drawl in that regard but I realise that acheives nothing. My point was that in some of your pictures we see debris strewn around, undergrowth growing and surface water which I, or most outdoor museum visitors, have no intention of traipsing through to get to the exhibits. Careful posing of pictures would hide this fact and not put people off at the first contact - this site.

Further to that I have spent at least 25 of those 30 years in site offices and portacabins from the oldest and roughest to the newest and shiniest! In fact I sit now in a pleasant 30x20! I do not accept your bluff in that regard about a condensation barrier. A leaking roof is a leaking roof and that is that. These units come ready to rock and a reputable company like Calnan Cabins do not send out units which then need a "Bob the Builder job" done. I stand by my comment that this picture is awful and portrays your facilities badly and suggest again that it is not one for your homepage.

Finally I know nothing of the accusations laid at your feet by other posters regarding matters like unpaid rent, disputes with Bus Eireann, hand painted buses etc and nor do I want to. These people are obviously bitter and hurt and I felt for you on reading their posts and thus I tried to be constructive and helpful. I, unfortunately, can now see that such comment is not appreciated and therefore I wasted my time.

Good luck with your exhibits and I hope you succeed in your ultimate goals. I fear that pride and an unwillingless to listen to your public could be your ultimate downfall but do pray that this does not happen.


Re: Letter from an "armchair general"

Unfortunatly John you have missed what i have been trying to say. This man is unreal, he fires verbal asaults all around him using his questionable judgement as a guide for who gets it. As you can see just because he doesnt know you or me personally and we dare have an opinion of him he calls us begrudgers and liars.

Bus Eireann had one of the most open and encouraging relationships with preservationists until recently when after years of this man taking buses and leaving them dumped on the side of the road and in yards all over the country they shut up the doors and wont deal with anybody. If you search the court records you will find a case where Cork Co. Council removed a Bristol RE from a village in Cork where it had been abandoned for over 6 months on the side of the road. When they removed it this horrible little man took them to court for taking the bus.

He takes everything how HE wants to see it. He abuses people in public and when someone dares question his methods he turns it back on them rather than listen. He used the goodwill built up by other people over many years in bus preservation for his own gain and doesnt care about anyone other than himself.

He will be remembered by the people in bus preservation(the vast majority) as a destructive influence that we could have done without.

Re: Re: Letter from an "armchair general"


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To those who complain about small buses called KR's...

Considering Michael is not even in the country at the moment, it's not surprising he has nothing to say.

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Replying to:

Its just so intresting to see that Grimes has nothing to say here. Normally you cant shut him up but as soon as some constructive criticsm comes along he just ignores it.

Goes to show the true sign of a bully, he doesnt like people having a go at him. Well done for dragging the rest of us down with your ego.

Your place in preservation history is secure, for all the wrong reasons I might add.

Re: Re: Re: To those who complain about small buses called KR's...

Interesting point made about Busworld, but maybe you should get your facts right on this.!!!

A third party, supposidly acting on behalf of the KTM purchased two buses from Busworld in the name of the KTM. They only paid half the purchase cost of each bus and tried to get them out of there and sell them on to Michael for more than was paid for them. Alas, both vehicles were unable to be moved quickly and got trapped when the collection moved to Beith.

With still the cost of these buses outstanding and outstanding rent building up, Roulston tried to get in touch with the original party but it seemed this person had dissapeared. Someone in Glasgow, whom knew i knew the KTM got Roulston to get in touch with me and i put him in touch with Michael.

The end story here was Michael never knew two buses were involved in this deal, Michael paid the other party for one bus, but this other party used the money to split the cost between two buses and tried to pull a fast one on both Michael & Roulston.

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Replying to:

You mean way that KD156 was brush painted when it attended Bangor and then its engine blew up on the road home? And hasnt been seen again? Or the way a bus appears at a rally is never seen again as it ends up crashed and wrecked? Or the rent isnt paid on the storage site?

As was mentioned before, those who know anything about the movement have no time for Kells, ask TMSI, Cavan and Leitrim, TEC, Busword in Glasgow etc and they will all say the same thing. Stay away from Kells, they are loose cannons and have done nothing but harm to the hobby.

By the way youtube is a good place to put 711s proof up. Hope you dont make a mess of it like 694. I believe sparks fly out of it now when they try to start it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: To those who complain about small buses called KR's...

It seems to me that this person is an ex 'Kells man' ho tried to play Grimes at his own game.

Just because someone may have attempted to swindle Grimes doesnt mean he isnt the lowlife I claim him to be. Any buses Im aware of that didnt have the rent paid are in Ireland. Have you never noticed some of the museums 'exhibits' are not accounted for? Most of them have been scrapped in leiu of rent by landlords.

This man has a lot to answer for.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To those who complain about small buses called KR's...

He say:
Have you never noticed some of the museums 'exhibits' are not accounted for?

I Say:
Well you may be in for one hell of a big surprise at the end of April to mid May then - watch this space.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To those who complain about small buses called KR's...

No, the person was not ex Kells as far as i'm aware.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: To those who complain about small buses called KR's...

Well I know he was, infact he was once second in command, but then again you possibly wouldnt know that since you only appeared on the scene a few years ago.

Lets just say the individual in question would have similar social standing to you and phsyically looks similar.

Here is a little test for the museum. Please put up a picture of PL12 within one week with a copy of either the Irish Times/Independant on the windscreen showing the date of the photo.

Do this and ill support the museum without question!

I wont hold my breath.

Thomas Allen??

PL 12 & 51, no problem at all sir, ill be glad to show you a photo, small problem is that she is parked inwards in the lower yard, would say a rear photo suffice??

Mr Allen, by the way any chance of an email address? were wondering what lovely man knows so much about all of us, especially what underwear Michael is wearing, but yet posts no email address, i have a very good idea who it is and the connections are with a PL not to far after PL12!

Happy St Patricks Day from New Zealand
Stephen Payne

Re: Thomas Allen??

PL12 never collected by KTM at any stage... it disappeared in late 2002, has never been seen since

Re: Re: Re: Re: To those who complain about small buses called KR's...


Re: Ryanair

Are you too lazy to walk down the yard?

Re: Re: Ryanair


Re: Re: Ryanair

they all need wheel chairs in the ktm