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1131 replaces 1130

I very much agree with Joseph B but the reality is apparently a total engine failure with consequent damage to the transmission.

That being the case there is absolutely no economic logic to doing an engine and transmission swap as it cannot be done in the north and one would have to tow 1130 to Cork, then bring down a donor vehicle and finally do the exchange. You would be lucky to get out under 5,000 euro which would buy an awful lot of perfectly good Tigers! And again the reality is that in fifty years time nobody will really notice the difference.

The museum is very grateful to Ulsterbus and Pat Moss for detecting the problem and we really appreciate their substituting another fine machine. Condition is the critical item.

I should say that we have now almost completed our N type preservation program with only one or possibly two Gardner Tigers to come of which one is expected to be 2609.

There will then be a hiatus until the Q type retirements commence and we plan about six of those or so.

Michael Grimes

Michael Grimes