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Re: Re: REF : 460

yes those are the type of seats that would have been new in the Express tigers, but as my shot clear shows 460 doesnt have these seats it has standard bus seats. All the express tigers were reseated as there were downgraded from express work to service work.

Thanks Phil. Now we need further info oin Tigers 460 and 1130.

I am grateful to Phil for putting us straight on the seating in 460. We never see these buses before we get them so all information is always a great gelp,

Now that 460 and 1130 are being outstationed at Kells from Ballymena we need some advice.

Re : 460

460 was originally an express coach operating, we understand, Belfast to Dublin occasionally. We have seen pictures of her in express livery.

1. Can anyone tell us what colour seats were in her as delivered?
2. Do any current Translink machines have those colour seats?
3. If not would there be any UK operator with the same?
4. Has anyone a photo of the rear of her in the Express livery?
5. What routes was she used on as express?
6. Was she C53F as an express coach?
7. How long did she carry Express livery?

Now turning to 1130.

1. Did she ever have express livery?
2. If yes, was it the same as on 460?
2. What routes did she operate?
3. Did she have the same colour seats when delivered as 460?

Any other information on the two machines will be welcome.

It is our plan to put coach seats back in 460.

Michael Grimes