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Re: Easy known I was away!

I've no problem with complying to these rules if it will stop what we have seen over the past few days, however I do have a problem with my e-mail address being made public - I had an incident on another message board a couple of months back where somebody got my e-mail address from there and comtinued to send junk mail and abuse to it. Is it possible to put an email address up, but not have it made public? If not I fear you may be loosing some genuine posters!

Re: Re: Easy known I was away!

I have to agree with the above posting, i'm currently experiencing tons of junk mail as well as someone has been busy signing up my garage_cat e-mail to various things, most likely by someone on this board as i have not used my other address here and that is not getting hit.

Obviously this is going further than silly postings on the board, hence why i'm not quoting my e-mail address on any of my postings now.

I feel the only solution is for a signup to log-in to this board, it's the only way to pin-point those troublemakers screwing it up for the rest of us genuine members.


Re: Re: Re: Easy known I was away!

I 100% agree with these two posts. Password system is the best.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Easy known I was away!

Again I must agree with the above postings, and ask that a password system is introduced.
I am interested in preservation and have some items to offer that could become useful, but half the time, i don't know which postings are real or which are not, and I am not willing to supply my e-mail address,(visible to all), because of the resulting junk mail that tends to follow.

I hope that a password system is therefore introduced sooner rather than later.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Easy known I was away!

here here, introduce a password system. Quite simply the genuine posters are not willing to make their e-mail address public.


I think the easiest way to manage the message board would be to move it to a forum based system like a BB bulletin board or yuku board etc, where you have to be a registered member to post or even view the messages if thats what you choose.

I operate a message board on Freeforums.org, which has about 30 members, its for fellow employees only of the company I work for, and everyone has to be registered to even view the board.

I know its a bit strict sounding - but it does away with all the childish ramblings of the mentally disturbed that seem to be attracted here.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Easy known I was away!

Yes, as a genuine poster, i have no problems with signing up to log in to the board.

The main problem with the board at the moment is that anyone can post a message but post with any name and email of their choice thus making themselves out to be a genuine poster (such as Stephen, Francis, myself etc). A signup would do away with that option and the poster would have to post under their sign-up alias.

Lets go for the sign up ASAP, to sit and do nothing is just encouraging these idiots to post more & more and discourage the genuine members from posting. I'm actually wondering how many lurkers are out there whom do view this board but have never posted and are too scared to post with what goes on with the idiots and their postings.

I vote for a Sign-up/Log-In system.


Re: Easy known I was away!

Michael was quoted as saying:

"I hope this will work but if it does not then we will have to institute a password system which I do not want to do."

Michael, you may not want to institute a password system because you do not wish to inconvenience the many on this board at the expense of a mindless few, but if this is what we genuine posters want, then there is no point in holding back.

If it is the problem is setting up and managing such a system, why not ditch the message board in favour of a Yahoo Group instead. You can set up such a group with various options that either allow all messages from anyone need to be approved first, or all message do not need to be approved first but you have the option of putting suspect members on moderation so their messages need approved.

Just an option to maybe consider as myself & Kenny operate a couple of Yahoo Groups ourselves.