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Re: Re: Re: May we have your views on Phase 2 of our Tiger preservation programme?

The Ulsterbus Express Tigers were in three batches of ten in each: - 360-369, 460-469 and 1130-1139. All had when new Duple Diplomat coach seats. All were subsequently reseated either to B53F or B62F. Of the original batch 368/9 are still in service in L/derry - both are nowadays B62F. 360 also still exists (in Reserve) but this one was heavily modified for Citybus use with the addition of a wheelchair lift and reduced seating. Of the second batch all are now withdrawn with 460-462 and 466-468 held in Reserve and 469 awaiting scrapping having been heavily stripped being little more than a shell. Of the third batch until recently 1133/5/8 were still in traffic although several others are in Reserve.

All are recognizable in that the front and rear side windows are the same windows as the rear side windows of a Bristol RE but turned upsidedown.

Incidently the only standard dual purpose 3xx Tiger still on Company books is 396 stored at NB.

Re: Re: Re: Re: May we have your views on Phase 2 of our Tiger preservation programme?

Michael, 400 in not an Express Tiger. See the link below for a link to an Ulsterbus Express Tiger. Look very closely at the side of the bus and you will see clearly that an Express Tiger is very different to Tiger 400.

At least 460, 1130, 1133, 1138 - all Express Tigers are still with Ulsterbus.