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KD 184 on the public road and our overhaul priorities

I noticed some comments re this vehicle. There is no way she will be on a public road until at least late 2009 as she needs a complete body and mechanical overhaul.

We have other priorities at the moment, chief being our new maintenance shed. Until that is erected there is no way we will be doing any major overhauls. Once it is erected it is our intention to first do up machines which are almost 100% and need minimum work and leave those needing major work to the last. Whether this is a good policy or not is open to debate but at least it gets the largest number of operating machines on the road in the last time.

Typical of this would be M 8, MD 25, MD 42, MG 56 and MD 182. Other candidates which need very little work are BM 84, BM 86 and BM 100. SS 702 and SS 782 also qualify. And so on but with over 300 machines priorities have to be decided.

However, our top priority is to keep our Ulsterbus machines 100%. With ten Tigers and four super Leopards plus three Bristol RE's they all need regular work and for good or for bad they will be our best machines always kept in 100% condition. We then have another fifteen machines needing work of one kind or another. For example 400 did a run to Cork yesterday as can be seen from photos on the site. While this is arguably the best Tiger I have driven we have discovered a minor oil leak. Because she is in our 100% category fixing this has to take precedence over eveything else. All Tigers need maintenance and these are no different.

We have only limited resources and limited staff and have to make choices so do not expect KD 184 off to a rally for some time yet. But the good news is that she will get there.

Michael Grimes

Re: KD 184 on the public road and our overhaul priorities

It's never going to happen, sorry lets be honest. You don't have the parts, equipment or the brains. Another thing, how dare you bring a bus into Parnell place in cork when it is you which is annoying the company and everyone under the sun!!

You are an embarrisment.


Re: Re: KD 184 on the public road and our overhaul priorities

Just done a little checking , believe it or not most KD parts are relitavely easy to get in the U.S. , besides when it comes to parts for preserved K types most people tend to forget that Bombardier is still in business , they simply refused to do business in Ireland ever again