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Apology to Francis Dempsey and Stephen Payne

I can only apologise to both Francis and Stephen for the messages appearing here purporting to be from them. It is clear they were not and someone is trying to cause problems by using their names.

It is very sad that only in Ireland do we have that problem of begrudgers. I have tried to keep the website free for anyone to post and this privilege is being abused sadly.

For the record it is thanks to Francis that we have very many of the wonderful machines which we have and he, arguably, has done more to set this museum up than anyone. Equally Stephen Payne has brought professionalism to the engineering department as is evidenced by some of the miraculous resurrections of buses such as E 106, R 913 and KD 184.

It is sad therefore to see these vicious messages but I am sure readers will see this as the price of free speech. Francis and Stephen and many others such as Stephen Lynch, Roy Kearney and John Quirke have really done wonders in setting the museum up and it is now the largest bus museum in Europe if not in the world. When one looks at the lineup of Tigers, Leopards and Bristols we can be very proud as nobody else has attempted and succeeded in regard to having so many of a model. When we get to 20 Tigers we will have no equal and hopefully ensure the Tiger lives for ever.

Thanks to Stephen, Francis and everyone else and pay no attention to nasty messages and keep up the good work.

Michael Grimes

Re: Apology to Francis Dempsey and Stephen Payne

michael i wish to thank you for the apologie and wish you and stephen payne every sucess i made of copie of the message and pass it to the gardai to trace i.p adress as i said it is no easy task in the work you and others are doing and wood advise them to help out in saveing irish transport history before it,s to late i wood very much advice to the ones are placeing the postings to get life i will advise you the members of ktm and my self know who is putting up the postings and will advise futher legal will be taken against person who is placeing the postings . this all i will say on the matter i know it was not stephen payne he is hard worker and person who is wood not do this carry on he is man of respect same with michael grimes and ross aitken who should be left alone else go out and buy bus like ktm other groups have done else put up or shut up and let members of ktm get on with there work francis dempsey irish ferries security